Gilbert Lee

Trinity College, University of Toronto
Bachelor of Commerce, Finance & Economics Specialist
Since 2000


Anglocon / English Instructor, Global Division

Instruct executives on effective business communications (SamsungEngineering, Symantec Corporation, eBay, Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

Edit, proofread and write in-house letters and emails.

Verify correct English translations of Korean copy.

Edit patent applications for patent law firms (PI IP Law, Nam & NamWorld Patent Office and Law firm) for approval by the Korea IntellectualProperty Office as well as office actions issued by KIPO.


Cactus Communications / Copy Editor, Finance & Business Division

Edited outsourced academic theses and related to finance, economics andbusiness management

Proofread pageproofs of various academic works.

Critiqued and provided feedback to authors regarding problematic prose,syntax, grammar, etc.


Critiqued and provided feedback to authors regarding problematic prose,syntax, grammar, etc.
Instruct executives on effective business communications (SamsungEngineering, Symantec Corporation, eBay, Pricewaterhouse Coopers)
Edit, proofread and write in-house letters and emails.
Verify correct English translations of Korean copy.
Edit patent applications for patent law firms (PI IP Law, Nam & NamWorld Patent Office and Law firm) for approval by the Korea IntellectualProperty Office as well as office actions issued by KIPO.

Cactus Communications / Copy Editor, Finance & Business Division
Edited outsourced academic theses and related to finance, economics andbusiness management
Proofread pageproofs of various academic works.
Critiqued and provided feedback to authors regarding problematic prose,syntax, grammar, etc.?