Jonathan Duplessis

Saint Mary’s University
Bachelor Commerce degree
Since 2007

ESL teacher, After school programs, Pangyo & Gwanggyo elementary 

Worked 6 hours daily teaching in an afterschool program in various elementary schools

Prepared reports, create enthusiastic learning atmosphere for students


Business ESL, Language Cube

Worked 4 hours daily teaching a variety of business related disciplines such as logistics, marketing and financial report analysis


General conversation, E-Mart Bluquay

Worked 4 hours morning shift daily teaching general conversation both freely and from a book


Business ESL,SK Gas (finished)  & Samsung (currently

Work 2 hours daily  teaching Operations manager conversational business English 

Prepare weekly progress reports and talking points summaries

ESL teacher, After school programs, Pangyo & Gwanggyo elementary
Prepare weekly progress reports and talking points summaries
Prepared reports, create enthusiastic learning atmosphere for students

Business ESL, Language Cube
Worked 4 hours daily teaching a variety of business related disciplines such as logistics, marketing and financial report analysis

General conversation, E-Mart Bluquay
Worked 4 hours morning shift daily teaching general conversation both freely and from a book

Business ESL,SK Gas (finished)  & Samsung (currently
Work 2 hours daily  teaching Operations manager conversational business English
Prepare weekly progress reports and talking points summaries?