Eric kim

Bachelor of Arts Degree, pre-med
Since 2008

Teaching Experience:

Intermediate Business English - Vice President, LG Corp

Intermediate Business English - Senior Manager, LG Corp 

ntermediate Business English - Country Director, PPD 

Intermediate Business English - Manager, INC Research

Pre-Intermediate Business English - B. Braun 

Pre-Intermediate Business English - CRA, IQVIA 

MBA interview prep

General English - elementary students


Other Credential:

Created programs to effectively study business English at different levels

Presented articles from business magazines and newspapers to inform and discuss general world issues as well as issues in their specific areas

Applied CNN and BBC news recordings to improve their business English abilities and widened their business topics of conversation ?Exhibited different kinds of business materials to improve their vocabulary, idioms and phrases

Engaged students in conversations on various topics to spark

active participation

Provided supplementary materials to inform students of international business culture and etiquette

Organized special classes once a month based on best sellers

written by CEOs of Fortune 500 companies

Teaching Experience:
written by CEOs of Fortune 500 companies
Intermediate Business English - Senior Manager, LG Corp
ntermediate Business English - Country Director, PPD
Intermediate Business English - Manager, INC Research
Pre-Intermediate Business English - B. Braun
Pre-Intermediate Business English - CRA, IQVIA
MBA interview prep
General English - elementary students

Other Credential:
Created programs to effectively study business English at different levels
Presented articles from business magazines and newspapers to inform and discuss general world issues as well as issues in their specific areas
Applied CNN and BBC news recordings to improve their business English abilities and widened their business topics of conversation ?Exhibited different kinds of business materials to improve their vocabulary, idioms and phrases
Engaged students in conversations on various topics to spark
active participation
Provided supplementary materials to inform students of international business culture and etiquette
Organized special classes once a month based on best sellers
written by CEOs of Fortune 500 companies