True Education! TruEd!

TruEd Knows! - "TruEd delivers true education!"

ㆍSince its foundation in 2007, TruEd has specialized in providing top quality corporate English education through the implementation of proven placement and teaching techniques.
ㆍNumerous small, medium, and large corporations have produced numerous talented individuals who can compete on a global scale through the use of English training programs provided by TruEd.
ㆍTruEd does not define itself as a headhunting agency for English teachers, but rather as an English education consulting firm who caters to the specific educational needs of our corporate and professional clients.

TruEd Cares! - "Your success is our success!"

ㆍThrough a series of meetings and consultations, we thoroughly analyze the needs of our clients in order to provide a customized perfect fit for their needs.
ㆍWe provide or develop curriculum that is a perfect fit for our clients in accordance to their English proficiency levels.
ㆍTruEd is extremely selective in hiring our teachers. We utilize an extensive 4-step hiring procedure in order to ensure our clients are provided with the highest quality of instruction possible.
ㆍ Thorough and personalized monthly reports are provided so that each individual can follow up with his/her progress and managers can use it as means of individual performance evaluation.
ㆍ Taking advantage of the small, but solid character of TruEd; the TruEd president takes a personal interest in managing the clients and instructors himself.

TruEd Executes! - "Once a Client, you will never want to leave!"

TruEd Client Loyalty(As of 2012.3)

More than 4 yrs
1~3 yrs
New Client